Bespoke Audio TVC Passive Preamp - An Unassuming Star

Apr 11, 2019
Very interesting. It seems that this preamp can be associated to a wide range of Amp… Good to know. :cool:
This is a new generation of Bryston. It gets enough power and fine sounding.
The main question of passive pre amp is most likely from the gain output of the source. Once the output gain fits the need of the pre amp (the modern dac indeed helps a lot), the strengths of passive pre amp are easily shown up. :):)
Apr 11, 2019
This special version of Bespoke silver TVC has arrived at the hk dealer last week.
My friend Paul has not picked it up yet so I went for a brief audition yesterday.
Although not burned-in it gave a huge soundstage, much bigger than the demo Bespoke copper version at the dealer showroom.
Great potential!
I guess this may be due to the bigger TVC copper enclosure/cowl of this special version.

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Had an audition of this grand and beautiful passive pre amplifier last night. The soundstage is amazingly wide and deep.
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