Best Bass Demo Albums or Tracks

Ron Resnick

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Jan 25, 2015
Beverly Hills, CA
Has anyone suggested the Sheffield Drum record?
Mar 8, 2015
really the most difficult thing for a system to do in the bass is a really 'hot' recorded double bass. like the Jeton 100 3315 direct to disc pressing of Moonlight Serenade; track 1, Mondscheinsonata (Round Midnight/Moonlight Serenade), Ray Brown/Laurindo Almeida.

getting the double bass to come alive in your room is a real treat. getting great coherent lively mid-bass is much more relevant to music than deep bass. and if you play this as you continue to improve your system it will tell you how you are doing so far.

the re-issue pressing (a tape was made from the pressing and then a vinyl pressing from that) or digital is not the same. you need the original direct to disc version.
Mike I've heard the terms Double Bass and upright bass; seemingly interchangeably. Are they the same instrument?
May 5, 2010
RU arrogant or what??
U R old and tired so who cares what your opinion is ????
Because someone urged me to try it and I wanted to acknowledge that I did as well as what I found.
I didn't ask you to care about my opinion any more than I care about yours.


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Mar 21, 2012
Here are a couple of my favorites for subterranean bass beats and swirling undercurrents, including playback on my reference system, to try at your own risk:

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Feb 24, 2015
Greater Phoenix Area
For a serious workout and demo of deep bass i always put on “Deeper Well”
from Emmylou Harris’s live Spyboy album. Building intensity of bass guitar and
drums ( played by great musicians) is just phenomenal. If your system can handle it :eek: Regretfully not issued on vinyl yet.

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Most excellent, what an awesome thread!


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Jun 7, 2017
A bit of electronica and pop comes to mind. Although I'm not sure this can really compete with an actual organ in the deepest bass registers...

The Acid: 'Creeper' from the album 'Liminal'

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Tony Allen & Jeff-Mills: 'On The Run' from the album 'Tomorrow Comes the Harvest'

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Philip Greter: 'Urban' from his album 'Logic Chaos'

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James Blake: 'Overgrown', title track from the album

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Does the 10" vinyl of tony allen/jeff mills convey as well as the digital? I'm almost vinyl-only and I love both artists!

As an aside (in techno territory which often is not actually deep bass heavy) it could be worth listening to some of the Dean Decosta tracks from late 90/ early 00 on Mosaic etc. Minimal but with nice bass weight....
Mar 8, 2015
Thanks guys, I have a few of the recommendations.

I'll add Yello Toy and best of to this thread.

What about heavy percussive tracks? Well recorded kick and Asian drum albums?
Now looking for a combination of epic -40hz bass combined with ultra fast rise times.

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