Caelin, what's your view on ethernet cables?

Oct 21, 2012
The two Ethernet Sigma cables arrived today at my dealer, 4 weeks from order placement. So, Indy yours should be coming soon, I'd surmise.
Oct 21, 2012
Been listening and using in the following setup:

Roon Nucleus -> Shunyata Sigma -> Transparent TPM -> WireWorld Starlight 8 -> Cisco 2960 switch -> WireWorld Platinum Starlight 8 -> Transparent TPM -> Shunyata Sigma -> dCS Vivaldi Upsampler

The pair of Tranparent devices are designed for surge suppression but I've been told that many others have also found the circuitry in the device, by happy coincidence, does a remarkable job of taking noise from upstream and grounding it while passing along the data stream.


What's really remarkable is the absolute quiet as the noise floor drops, revealing everything in the music. And that includes what was not demonstrated during the decay of songs, previous congestion (individual voices in harmony), secondary and tertiary harmonics, deeper as well as wider sound stage and other hall queues. Top to bottom this is a killer product. I will say it's most important in the last run from either a switch (on in my case the TPM) to the DAC (in my case the Upsampler). However adding it, as I've done, to the initial source to downstream devices adds another bump in SQ.

I've yet to swap out the WireWorld cables for a pair of AudioQuest Vodka that I've got on hand to see if they provide better/worse results. Unlike the WireWorld, which are Cat 8 (designed for short run / very high speed) and flat layout, the AudioQuest is Cat7 for slower speeds but is twisted pair . However both use shielding, unlike the Shunyata Cat 6a design and UTP. So, I'm thinking, ideally, of eventually replacing all the intermediary Ethernet with Cat 6a of some manufacture, just to determine if any such cabling alters the sonic results.

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