FS: Halcyonics Accurion i4 Large active Base


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May 9, 2015
Cologne, Germany
IMHO one of the best turntable bases around,
I tried HRS, Micro Seiki AIR, Herzan, Subbase Audio
and finally the "Accurion i4 large" had the best performance .

I have choosen the large version, so I was able to install large turntables or amplifiers on the base, which will work up to 105 kg.

Here you can find some more data:

The German Recommended Retail Price is 9000,- eur incl VAT

I used the Accurion i4 large for one year and I am selling, as my TechDAS looks nice on Artesania :)

Fixprice is 5000,- eur plus transport (from 50226 Germany)
(original box exists, will be shipped on wooden palette)

Very interesting...two questions:

1. What happens do you think if i put my Subwoofer (70kg) on top of this? I currently use another 70kg of mass damping plates and weights on top of the damping plates...all of it sitting on Stillpoints and Isolation platform) to keep it stilled and it has worked incredibly well...but not active isolation

2. What happens if i put the 108kg Gryphon on top...which is just over the 105kg limit?

Never experimented with active but very curious about your unit...thanks for any advice!
I will try to answer your questions:

1. The effect will depend on your floor, as you mostly have resonances from the subwoofer entering the floor and from there finding the way to the main speakers and your racks. But I would prefer under a subwoofer a passive construction, as you are doing.

2. The Gryphon Mephisto will definitely benefit from the active base (as my Boulder did),
The 105kg load are calculated with a 10% tolerance, so the 108kg will work.
Great! Having just got the Mephisto...i need to take a little deep breath. But lets keep asking some questions:

1. Is the plug detachable since you are EU and I am UK?
2. How high is this, as I am about to set the Gryphon into a [very] high cabinet with no back and wide sides for ventilation...and need to know how much higher it will be on top of this?
The external PSU has a standard detachable Powerchord, so no problem for UK usage.

The height of the platform is 9cm , so 9cm incremental


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Thank you! What is the dimensions (L x W)?
Awesome...thank you.
If someone interested likes to get the "best" amp stand, I can offer my

Critical Mass System PXK Amp Stand

as well.


Surcharge would be 1000,- eur plus Transport.

The CMS PXK plus the Accurion i4-L creates one of the best Amp Stand available!


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