FTA (Final Touch Audio) Callisto USB cable


Shameless but I am the ditro for FTA cables here in Southern Europe. Ping me if you want more info. BTW the Callisto is awesome, I love it.
Jul 11, 2019
Sorry for going OT but how do you find the C-MARC's performance?
I really like the C-Marc. I had seven RCA cables in my home at the same time,ranging in price from $35.00 up to $1000.00
I had a difficult time choosing which RCAs I should go with,but in the end the Callisto+C-Marc was the best sound overall for my system.

I did a video review of the cable shootout. Keep in mind my primary focus are headphones,and my comments made in the review about how the cables impacted the sound of my nearfield 2.1 system are based upon using entry level speaker cable,which im in the process of upgrading.

Actual review begins @7:15
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Jun 7, 2018
Lausanne, CH
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Oct 3, 2012
When you compare USB cables do you just do it on the fly without powering down and equipment? One should certainly mute things but I don't think I need to turn anything off, correct?
As far as I know USB is not plug and play... especially USB audio! Better turn the gear off before swapping USB cables for comparison purposes!
Audiostream has the FTA USB included in the 2019 Editors choice awards in the $500-2500 USD category.
Nice. The Callisto a genuine high and audio component, and affordable at that! In fact a bargain upgrade. Don't forget they also do superb Ethernet, RCA, XLR and Power cords. High end cables at real world prices.

home-page-back.jpg Callisto.jpg ethernet-black.jpg Ethernet0-gold.jpg Gold-mains-two.jpg gold-RCA-XLR.jpg mains-black.jpg


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Nov 19, 2017
Hello astrostar,
How does the Matis FTA lan cable compares with other competitors in his price range, like Sablon Panatela or SotM cat 7 ?


May 2, 2014
I am a big fan of FTA Callisto usb cable which I use for over 1 year , unpowered version, bought sh from Goran ( Golum).
It is a fantastic cable with very dark backround and palpable presentation , I would say on slightly warmer side.
Two month ago a young Polish engineer asked me to try his usb cable in my system.
I did not expect too much but the reality surpassed largely my expectations. In my system is even more precise , with even better than Callisto 3 D soundstage and quiter backround.
Very neutral timbre.
I decided to get one, the price for unpowered version is around 400 euro in Poland.
Will keep both - Callisto and Audio Phase usb, this is the name of Polish small company.
I have no commercial interest in Audio Phase, just to be clear.
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