FTA Interconnect with Bocchino XLRs!

Hi all, id like to add bring forward some findings for my fellow WBFers.

Id like to introduce a sublime new cable that ive been using for the past month. The Final Touch Audio XLR with Bocchino XLR connectors.

I was introduced to FTA via their terrific USB cable and was very curious to see if their house sound would transfer into their Analog interconnects as well. A few months ago I had the opportunity to compare the standard Ganymede Interconnect w/ Acoustic Revive connectors and had found it to be quite good, but not quite to the level of the Kuro Silver/Gold w/ Bocchino, which has been my reference for the past year. The Kuro simply had better resolution and livliness in the mid to upper registers.

I was very curious if the FTA cable geometry coupled with the Bocchino XLR purity might yield a match made in heaven. After listening for a month during break in, and comparing over the past few days, im happy to say that ive heard a combination that sends me over the moon.

The Bocchino FTA is a superb cable in terms of top to bottom evenness -- a very even presentation. The sound envelops, is powerful and organic, but is not artificially warm. Bass detail and presentation is a strong point, but at the same time does not over power the mids and highs. I think of this as the FTA house sound. The Bocchio FTA has superb imaging left to right and also front to back. Pinpoint accuracy in a 3d space. Listening becomes very involving when a able is providing a large amount of 3d information! The Micro-dynamic nuances are surperb, but just slightly behind the kuro silver gold w/ Bocchinos.

Should you be looking for a top notch performer that can compete with among-st the best cables going, I think you should give the Bocchino FTA a trial, it will surprise you!



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Jul 1, 2015
Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and impressions, John. Your feedback of our interconnects has us strongly considering making the bocchino connectors a formal option.

We are thrilled you're loving these cables so much and hope they'll keep you happy for many years in that very fine system of yours.


Fred A.


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Jan 21, 2018
Lexington, KY

I wanted to fill everyone in on my FTA journey. Based on my initial success of the FTA USB , I decided to try a pair of FTA w/ Bocchino XLRs, in the fall of 2019. This cable was and is a complete joy! Highly recommended.

I have used Nordost Odin ver 1 shotgun speaker cables for the past few years, and have been very favorable toward Odin interconnects and power cords. Recently had the opportunity to demo a bi-wire pair of Acapella La-Musica reference cables and found them capable of adding another leap forward in detail and even-ness. But at a cost that I couldnt justify currently.

Stupid Audio, why does it need to infect the brain so much. Anyway, I decided to strike out on a middle ground. By selling my Odin, I could have FTA build a bi-wire pair of speaker cables, including silver plated bocchino spades and still come out to the positive.

The Bocchino FTA bi-wire arrived about a month ago. Burn-in was a bit trying as the cable went thru a number of changes int he mids and highs. IM happy to report that about 100 hours in, these cables are exceeding my expectations and have given me a SOTA experience at a reasonable cost.

If you are familiar with the FTA USB, all the FTA cables are voiced in a cumulative way. Each step reinforces the next. More detail across across the frequency range, solid bass without bass feeling exagerated, superb width and depth of the soundstage. Its all there!

If you are looking for a single hop, or a full loom, id say go for it! I am super jazzed to have ended up with a full loom of FTA.

FTA-SC.jpg FTA-Spade.jpg


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Jul 1, 2015
Thank you for taking the time to do this follow up, J.T.

Those cables were extremely labor intensive for Zoran--the amount of wire that went into them is NUTS. We are tickled pink you're in love with them and besting the Nordost Odin is a nice notch in our belt.

Enjoy, my friend!

Fred A.
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I have to agree. I tested the Bocchino a few weeks ago with the same plugs. Not only is the build perfect, the sound was marvellous. How do they do it? The Callisto is my favourite USB cable by far as well.

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