Incredible L1


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Apr 17, 2016
I always listen L1 with CH amp in Shop,Show,Friends home,so today nothing to do, i connect L1 and X1 to my second system that is

Wadia S7I
First Watt M2
Quad Corner Ribbon,first Quad made numbered in 600 copy from 1949 to 1955,then in 1957 did els 57

Wadia has a volume control and on instruction suggest to not connect a preamp because loose transparency

After listening i can tell that adding L1 and X1 sound is incredible,yes adding a pre to a dac or cd all know will increase scene,depth,dynamic,but sound is also more magic,natural,transparent but sweet,dense with body but very transparent on mid bass and deep bass

All know my love for CH,but really for me are incredible


I have a few clients that were using a DAC straight into a power amp and after they tried the L1/X1 they all bought it!

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