MB100 and Flash


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Jun 11, 2015
I own the McIntosh MB100 and acquired the unit in March 2015.

There are multiple ways to interact with the unit.

*Browser Interface using Flash
*Smart device APP using either Android or IOS
*Apple AirPlay

Recently, in January 2021, Adobe terminated Flash, and therefore using a browser interface is not possible. Thus, using native Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge, Safari will not render Flash.

Has anyone learned of a workaround to use Flash for legacy devices?

I am both a PC and an Apple Mac user. And for the time being, I am able to manipulate Flash by using an old backup edition of Windows 10 Version 1803 via Parallels and therefore able to engage the MB100. It would be nice to natively use the browsers without launching an old virtual machine such as Windows 10 from some years ago.

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