New to the forum: high end music server with Roon Core and 3 x dedicated linear power supplies


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Jun 14, 2020
Agreed upon, Matt.
And that’s what i learned going the endpoint-way: i prefer the separates.

BTW, my first Music server was an AudioAanZee. Manufactured by a nice Dutch gentleman, but to my ears the Evo’s are definitely in a different league.

All the best, patrick


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May 20, 2020
Generally I am very satisfied with my roon nucleus+. The sound is very good because there is good equipment backing it up. Having said that, I am more keen on the Grimm Audio MU1 server. It is an all in one box solution with perhaps a higher performance than the nucleus plus
Nov 27, 2019
432 EVO Reference HiFi Music Server Streamer "Standard Model" REVIEW Conclusion Roon -Tastic from (Pursuit Perfect System Channel in YouTube)

I voted for Track B and that was using Tunning 432 HZ.

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