What are the Top Horn Speakers in the World Today? Vox Olympian vs Avantgarde Trio vs ???

I didn't really know where to post this. I would not say they are anything special. I bet they do have issues when you make them work. I don't know how much the small compression driver did on top. It may just be high frequency. I was told they are stock. But hey, they are a wall of sound. I remember my rocker days and what a single 4x12 did. A double stack was absurd. This is 8x15 inch.
I took a friend to see the horns today and the store was closed. Says open every day 12 to 6. We were there at 2. Owe well.
A friend said they might be EAW. Local brand.
There is a record store on Vashon Island. That is where they are set up. The store just changed ownership. Pretty small. They need a new batch of media. Most records were a couple bucks. Then I found a nice Kinks and it was $50. Broke my heart.
EAW MC 4973. Tri-amped THX system for large and very large cinemas. Hear it squashed and probably maladjusted in a tiny room and blame all horn systems as bad forever.
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