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Windows 10 Quality approach for a complex ecosystem

"Today we are re-releasing the October 2018 Update after pausing to investigate a small but serious issue. This is the first time in Windows 10’s “Windows as a Service” history that we have taken such an action, and as such it has naturally led to questions about the work we do to test and validate Windows quality before we begin rolling it out broadly."

Today, November 13, 2018

Microsoft finally released a public statement after weeks of complaints from serious Windows 10 users. As you can see in the graph above the Customer Incident Rate is not a rosy picture. It is on a steady decline for more than three years.

I've read the entire statement from Microsoft. They are doing their best to satisfy their customers worldwide, they are working hard, and they take customers issues seriously.

Me I think they need to regroup, refocus, and put their priorities where it counts the most...customer's satisfaction...first and foremost. The money will follow automatically.
If they try the reverse recipe their focus is not @ the right place; they will fail.

So my advice to Microsoft is this: Fire all your top CEOs who are not doing their jobs and hire new people who will. It cannot be more crystal clear than that.
No hocus pocus magic trick here, simple scientific facts.
Reverse your losing trend, now.
Windows 10, the problems keep piling up in October and November.
Now it's with iCloud

Apple's iCloud for Windows users can't get the latest Windows 10 update because of nasty bug

There is something else that annoys me a little big Microsoft related versus Apple:
Communication between family and friends.

Microsoft doesn't allow their customers (me and other members of my family and our circle of super good friends) to have FaceTime in all our Microsoft devices/products.

But Apple accommodates everyone, with both FaceTime and Skype.
I cannot have contact with by beloved Mom because she doesn't know how to get Skype on her tablet, and her two other sons and daughters cannot help her either.

See, my Mom is super delicate and doesn't like any complications in her life.
She needs someone who knows what he's/she's doing and install Skype for her in her iPad.
Even with her Samsung Android tablet, Skype doesn't work.
She lives 3,000 miles from me, so it won't be before Christmas.

I only mentioned it because for older people Microsoft is limited in the communication department. ...In the overall picture of all things, not to mention applications and the multitude of other issues. It's like they want the monopoly by annoying their customers, which works exactly in the opposite direction of that goal.

Don't get me wrong, they have their attributes and so is Apple.
And both have their issues. I just mentioned one issue of Microsoft that in my sincere opinion is negative to their customers and worldwide family.

Maybe in the future the people working @ Microsoft will see the light.
And test before they release new Windows 10 updates; are they broke and cannot pay their employees? Are their CEOs short of food to feed their families?
Are they working from prisons with small jail cells?
Do they need to borrow some money from the people living on the streets?

Alright, I hope 2019 will be a better one.
My thoughts? How something considered obvious wasn't detected, that's my thought.
For Windows insiders and Microsoft people to understand the dynamics behind real clients is to eradicate their knowledge and become the clients. Hire normal customers to get real life normal feedbacks.

Good read on the reason why.
First, I like the nice touch...the Christmas snow flakes on WBF's top pages. :cool:
Kuddos to the person responsible.

Windows 10 Fall Update we all have read the news; it is a daily affair like many other affairs.
Microsoft said that it's the last version, which will be constantly updated...the big ones every six months.

This guy has a concept, Windows 11

Personally I like my privacy first. But when you subscribe to the WWW (World Wide Web), and all the competition out there for your dollars, they sure know what you visit. Because the adds are everywhere we go and they reflect our surfing habits...expensive cars, mansions, yachts, motorcycles, Italian design clothing and shoes, quadruple-action razor blades, latest jazz albums, Disney Marvel films, OLED TVs, Windows 10 latest news, laptops, iPads, Samsung Androids, etc.

One feature I use everywhere whenever it is offered or available is, a Dark Theme.
Why? Because it is so much more pleasant and relaxing for my eyes and overall design.
In that video above you have an example, and I use the Dark Theme with Windows 10...all the menus, features, start, etc.

Some websites and forums of the Internet offer that feature; it is @ the very bottom left of every pages. On WBF it's the little logo [UI.X], you click on it...Style chooser. On Windows 10 it's in the menu settings.

* Just a thought; it would be cool sometimes to have that option here @ WBF. ...Real cool.
...A Dark Style.

As for Windows 11, I just don't is very hard to predict the future in the year 2018-19 with everything changing so fast in the world. ...In the Americas, in Canada, in China, in Japan, in France, in the UK, in Germany, in Argentina, in Africa, in Saudi Arabia, in Russia, in India, in Indonesia, in Australia, etc.
Us the humans inhabitating our globe, with the wildlife, the forests, the jungles, the deserts, the oceans, the mountains, the air/atmosphere, our lakes, rivers, water reservoirs, industries, factories, economies, ...all together we follow the flow of technologies and we adapt to them as they constantly develop on a daily basis. ...Even the news change almost every day like the temperature from various locations...winds, rain, sun, snow, hot, cold, ...

We adapt to our Operating Systems from Microsoft, Apple, Linux, we adapt to climate changes. We are the ones living under the sun, the moon, the stars, the rain, the snowflakes, the winds, the hurricanes, the fires, ...the all elements of nature including human nature.
We are the ones who program and implement our Operating Systems and most advanced technologies to make it easier and faster to communicate, learn, and without lifting a finger, but more and more over voice commands. Next would be thought commands.

Windows 11, I just don't know. But if our volume control from our stereo can go to eleven, everything is possible...the sky has no limits, the space above is wide open, beyond the atmospheric ozone layer and into the infinity of the universe.
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