YG Hailey 2.2, Magico M2 or Avantgarde Duo XD ?

Hi all,

I am considering to upgrade my speakers and I would like this upgrade be “significant”.
I am currently using Avantgarde Zero TA XD that I am enjoying very much. It’s a fantastic value for money speakers ! Now I would like to keep their main strengths ( dynamics,transparency,difficult room “friendly”) and improve in terms of subtlety, decay and layering .
My room is small / medium , pretty “bright”, speakers will be relatively close from the front and rear walls and my listening is distance is pretty short (2.5m/3m).
So I am looking for a speaker with a “limited” footprint.
In terms of music, my taste is very eclectic so I am looking for speakers able to be very good “all rounder”.

I have preselected 3/4models :
- YG Hailey 2.2
- Magico M2
- Avantgarde Duo XD
- potentially TAD CR1 + subs

Duo XD would be the logical upgrade path but I feel those relatively big horns need space to breathe...
YG Hail 2.2 : was not considering them initially but after a superb (and totally random ) listening session I couldn’t exclude them any longer ! and I really like the possibility to upgrade further on ( but the 2.2 model is anyway just updated)

Also my current front gear is Accuphase C2850/A70 (have also a 300B SET amp ) and given the significant investment ahead of me, if those new speakers could be compatible with them ( even if not THE perfect match) it would help !

What do you think?


PS : there are many other very good speakers/ brands but for many different reasons those 4models are my short list
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Jan 21, 2018
Avantgarde speakers are still in my head but I believe they need a very careful setup and a longer listening distance that I can give them to enjoy them at their max.
I might give them a try as I know the dealer pretty well.
Jul 26, 2012
AG DUO XD offers far more enticing music experience than any Magico or YG.
Long term Duo XD will provide much more music bliss and with more kinds of music.
Your existing gear is a good match also.

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