Degritter ultrasonic record cleaner

Hi y’all, just a few words on what I think is a worthy alternative to the Audio Desk Systeme and KLAudio ultrasonic cleaners.

I’ve been a beta tester on the Degritter for the last few weeks, and am happy to offer my opinions and answer any qs for those interested.

I believe official launch is in early May, and at this stage after a couple of quibbles in day to day use, I’m planning to keep my unit, it’s been a pretty good success, and invaluable addition to day to day life as a vinyl addict.
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Hello everybody from Italy, received a new degritter today, washed a record and is loosing water from the bottom, a lot of water, emptied the machine, dried it and recharged, washed another record, and pouring water again, and before you tell it, not from the filter, from the inside, I'm black..
This happened once on my first machine... I read thru some threads on another forum and found that sometimes if the tank is not seated properly it will leak.
I removed the tank, paid close attention while installing the tank and never had another problem with leaking tank.
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Aug 21, 2016
Found the correct pump today but it will take 4/5 weeks to get here it's a -

Aubig Water Pump - 12 V Mini High Quality DC40E-1250 12V Brushless Water Pump for Lawn Garden Aquarium Floor Cleaning Water Purification & Water...
Got them on Amazon if anyone else needs one £25.00.
I'll post the results of the repair when it's all done fingers crossed

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