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Sep 10, 2014
England UK.
I have the UK 240 Volt variant. Serial numbers 10062 and 10063. I live in England, UK.

I don't know the exact age but guess probably around 20 years old. I bought them second hand in 2019 and have used them daily since then. Never serviced but I change the valves myself as needed and do not need any help with sourcing new valves or changing the valves.

Both monoblocks work very well but considering their age, I feel they should be serviced. So, does somebody know where they could be serviced properly in the UK ? The dealers in EU countries I have approached so far have said it is impossible to do it because of Brexit which is not correct, it just needs a Customs piece of paper filling out, but there you are .....

Any advice greatly appreciated !
In Aylesbury, Bucks.
Ask for James, see if he can help (mention Marc and my Nat SETs repair and re-capping).
I can totally vouch for his super professional attitude and quality of workmanship.

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