Tinnitus Resulting from Covid or Vaccines

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Dave, sorry you are having all these health issues. I had a bout of diverticulitis a year ago which went away quickly and hasn’t returned but in the process of being scanned for it they found a 2 cm kidney stone. I never knew it was there because it was not moving and never would but they recommended I have it removed. So, I did, but it took 2 surgeries, totaling 4 hours to pulverize it. Not a pleasant experience. In a side note, if you are on antibiotics for diverticulitis it is recommended you take a probiotic during that time and after to help restore the good bacteria in your gut. That’s what my GI had me do.
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Nov 16, 2014
Just an update... I did find something that has helped. Maybe it can help others...

Quick summary: Since I posted this thread I've had ups and downs. I felt like I was recovering, but then I got diverticulitis. I thought it was food poisoning, but it didn't go away and I had the worst abdominal cramping ever. Went to urgent care, who sent me to the ER, and they did a ct scan and started prepping me for emergency surgery. The surgeon looked at the scan and concluded there wasn't a hole in my intestines yet, so I got a 3-day round of IV antibiotics. This was a huge setback though, it made the long covid issues worse and tachycardia was back in force. Then I got some sort of bug over xmas and was on a downward spiral since. I basically gave up hope that anything could help, but then on a bad day about 10 days ago i was feeling so bad I tried Ivermectin, some new studies seemed like it could help. I could feel it going throughout my body, caused a tingling sensation and unfortunately a moderate headache. I got to sleep, and when I woke up the next morning I felt better than I have since I got diverticulitis. I went for a walk and felt great. The next day I went for a bike ride, and I will generally pay for that with some fatigue. For those who don't know, fatigue is not just being tired, it's much worse. You can't do anything. It's hard to explain if you haven't experienced it. But the day after the bike ride, I was definitely tired... but not fatigued! My Garmin sleep scores and HRV (heart rate variation) has greatly improved since the day after taking Ivermectin.

I have a brand new primary care physician, he's sending me to an infectious disease expert and hopefully I can get a prescription and a plan to help me fully recover. We'll see... Ivermectin didn't return me to normal overnight, but now I feel like i have a chance. Before I felt like I might just have a stroke or heart attack and die eventually. The constant stress on the body just isn't sustainable. Now I feel like there's space for healing.

I still have tinnitus but I feel like it's reducing in frequency and intensity since I took Ivermectin.

I'm sure Ivermectin isn't the answer for everyone, but it may help with some forms of long covid or even chronic fatigue caused by EBV, Epstein Barr virus, and maybe other long term issues cause by infections.

Currently, I'm also trying methylene blue. Maybe it'll help with oxygen utilization. What they've found is the blood gets oxygenated as normal, but returns to the heart with high levels of oxygen, the body can't use for some reason. Possible issues with something blocking mitochondrial function, or damage, not sure we understand this part of the problem yet, but it's likely the root cause of this disaster. I hope over time we can figure this part out. Reduced cardio performance (VO2 Max), poor endurance and recovery from exercise are common to nearly everyone with long covid.

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