Any cyclists here?


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Sep 22, 2019
I got a new bike this year, joined an enduro dh race team
Enduro is where the fun has been for a number of years now.

Never quite got into racing or any other form of organized competition. Certainly had the ability and skill. More importantly I had the mentality and self assured attitude that anyone involved knew had taken a minor placing to acceptance of being on a program. Nowadays I just know enough to be trouble and ride as much or as little as pleases me. Just glad to be alive in a time when the greatest (post-war) cyclists were still around to cast a large shadow. Most of the great men and women who climb mountains on foot as well. Everything is great so long as we can avoid more 'troubles'.

My decade plus old Dutch racing bike. Bless their souls for making a standard geometry level top tube stage racing bike with a threaded bottom bracket to match their usual world beating pedigree. Won't get far into a conversation about doing a Cairo to Capetown trip without someone audibly casting their gaze atop the pile of bikes that never finished to see what Koga you'll be riding.

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Mar 28, 2013
I got a new bike this year, joined an enduro dh race team sponsored by Specialized. The 2020 Spec Enduro is an amazing bike. A little heavy, but it pedals and climbs surprisingly well for a 37 lb (16.8 kg) 170mm travel mt bike!

Here'a pic of the bike with the new Fox 38 fork and a pic of me on a local trail:

Ha, my MTB couldn't be further from yours :D

The guys I used to ride XC with all went Enduro 20 years ago and with it went the fitness, fast down a hill and they'll take on anything but so slow up a hill that I'd be quicker up and over on the HT! Back when I was exclusively MTB it was all about the descents, since I got a road bike it's become all about the climbs. Each to their own.
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