Chronosonic XVX.

Jun 22, 2017
I would feel very happy if Wilson considers that the XVX is a replacement of the XLF - at a cost of more than 50% over the XLF list price, these seem to be great and assuring news to some current XLF owners. The XLF was a crazy move, XVX would be complete madness ...

I have no doubts that the XVX is a better speaker, but my admiration for the XLF will not change with it. Besides, as I enjoy playing with tube electronics, the XLF allows me to play some games that will be forbidden with the XVX. ;)
Agree the XLF is a great performer and the XVX sets a new benchmark in performance and price (the WAMM must be a further giant step forward). The continued drive by Wilson to improve their products periodically through upgrade/replacement of models has provided a nice upgrade path for me. My first Wilson was a traded pair of Alexandria S1’s where the owner was upgrading. After 5 years, I traded the S1’s for 2.5 year old traded XLF’s. The owner of the XLF‘s is now trying to decide between a pair of XVXs or Gryphon Kodo. Maybe in another 3 to 4 years I can trade the XLFs with XVXs. I keep in contact with the original XLF owner so you never know. And it’s nice to know that someone else is now enjoying my old S1’s.

I have been very impressed with each upgrade which has only been possible for me in monetary terms through the pursue by the original owners to trade up and Wilson and other companies continued pursue of better performance.


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Dec 20, 2011
San Diego
I heard the 2060 / 2010 combo once on kharma midi exquisite , i didnt like it , it sounded a bit cool clinical .
I would definetively ad a tubed pre .
But there is something about boulder gear , its made to perfection .
From all the solid state ive owned i was reluctant to let the boulder amp go
I used an Audio Research Ref40 for many years with a 2060 and then with my current 3060. I just switched to the new Boulder 1110 pre that IMO sounds better than the Ref40.

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