Rock and Drum videos thread


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Apr 20, 2010
Pleasanton, CA
Ginger Baker 'Middle Passage' album.
Ancient Sony PS X70 TT, Ortofon Kontrpunkt A cartridge, BG ribbons 300-7Khz with Nelson Pass inspired DefiSit amp with tube rectified 26 tube gain stage.
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Jul 5, 2014
Salem, OR

Never cared much for Guns'n Roses but I love the opening guitar here.


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Jul 28, 2014
I use surrounds and DSP for subs and surrounds through a Yamaha Pre/Pro. I also have a separate gain unit for bass so it can be boosted and volume controlled through a single knob without going into the AV menus.

I use the four subs, all of different manufacture, around the room to enhance dispersal and reinforcement, generally according to the Geddes recommendations. Also, the surround programs contribute to integration. Ambience is a potent enhancer and smoother of bass output as well due to the various delays.

I am loath to recommend bass arrangements to audiophiles, because it seems it's one of those 'princess and the pea' subjects, and audiophiles differ in their sensitivity to 'wet' or 'dry' as well as volume and apparent seamlessness with the mains. I would cite my own sensitivity to such things as modest, so I am easy to please as long as I have enough booty thumps.

However, most visitors have liked my bass for whatever reason, though it has been altered over the years to its present form. I did have one visitor who didn't like it, though, but that was when I had a different single woofer in place many years ago.

Apogees tend to have such a lovely, rich lower bass and midrange that I might also be hesitant to contaminate such if the main panels had enough output. Analysis speakers have a quicker but 'thinner' type of sound by comparison, akin to stats but with more body. However, I don't think that 'speed' difference would necessarily overcome the Apogee 'advantage' which is significant.

Interesting set up I'd genuinely like to hear how well it works.

I know the Omega well. In fact when I heard it many years ago in London it is the speaker that stimulated my interest in planar magnetics. Heard them quite a few times since. Never heard the Epsilon, though.

I think it is an easier going speaker than a Duetta and definitely better with classical music. I genuinely like it but it just doesn't do the kind of music I like as much justice as Duettas do.

Last night I played the Mantra video through my Apogees and it sounded truly dreadful. Interesting because through my Sony WH1000XM3 headphones it sounds pretty good and close to the original video. I must admit I was quite shocked at how poor it sounded. Hey, ho!:);)

I then played the original and it sounded truly awesome. Relief!:)
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Jul 5, 2014
Salem, OR


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Oct 17, 2017
How loud do you guys record at?

Everything I try to capture ends up being really quiet.

I recorded at the listening chair, holding a Radio Shack sound level meter, max SPL of 94dB. If measure 1m in front of the right speaker, max SPL is 100dB.


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