Anyone with big, high current amplifier(s) find a power conditioner that doesn't destroy the amplifier's virtues? Is it even possible? Which Ones?


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Dec 26, 2010
Please let me know what is your grounding scheme?
you ground the amplifier to the Torus?
Hi...nothing too special. It worked, and I did not seek to optimize. Both of the units are connected to the Tripoint Troy. I am aware of the fact that some find the science behind it makes 0 sense. All I can say is that (for some odd reason) listening to complex choral music, I can understand certain words better with Troy connected than when it is not idea why, but that seems like a half-decent test for a non-techie like me. So I have left it that way.
The Power Line Conditioner GigaWatt PC-2 EVO+ supplies the T + A M10 monos. They draw a lot of electricity. At the top, an M10 can provide up to 1,500W at 2 ohms. And no, there is definitely no loss of performance.

I think the construction is excellent. A beautiful piece of industrial design.

Of course there is always something to improve. I had the power supply modified by fis Audio. A Furutech FI-06 NCF socket was installed and the power switch was deactivated.

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