GrooveMaster II Tonearms

Jan 18, 2012
Drobak Norway
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NEW! GrooveMaster II VTA Lifter
Now something special. We have developed a high quality VTA lifter. With this lift the VTA of the GrooveMaster can be set 'on the fly'. The VTA lift is made of high grade stainless steel and brass which creates high mass and minimizes resonances. Very unique is the fixation of the GrooveMaster by means of a collet. This ensures a precise and play-free fastening. Of course this VTA lifter will fit on existing GrooveMaster tonearms as well. The collar will fit Jelco mounting configuration as well. More information and specs will follow soon.



Well-Known Member
Sep 10, 2012
Friend recently fitted a Groovemaster to his SL10R & very impressed with the sound indeed

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