My Experience with Shunyata Omega 75 ohm BNC cables on Rossini DAC/Clock


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Feb 4, 2011
Alpharetta, Georgia

Just a few notes on my experience with these cables. After using the Omega 75 ohms for two weeks, I think I have a handle on what these cables are doing so right. I started with the Apogee WydeEye on the Rossini master clock and have to say the sound was actually quite good. But the Omegas surprised me by the added qualities when installed.

I think it really comes down to three things:

1. I hear a bit more detail. Things seem more defined and lifelike. There is a sense of smoothness and ease in the best way possible.
2. Bass sounds fuller. Very natural and taut to my ears.
3. Soundstage placement of instruments seems more precise. The finger snaps on Buble’s The Best is Yet to Come have more snap and presence.

I am not completely sure if this is all due to more precise signal transfer allowing for more precise timing but that seems a plausible explanation.

These are not inexpensive but they really took the Rossini and clock to a whole new level for me. I am very impressed with the Omega line!

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