Munich High End 2019


Aug 15, 2017


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Aug 31, 2014
These are the hotels that have a shuttle bus:
Probably all are nice. I know people who have stayed at the Best Western and they seemed to like it.

Are you planning on coming to our dinner ?
Thanks i will be staying at Best Western the K just like i did in 2017, it's only 2 train station away from the airport.
Where is your diner taking place ?


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Jun 13, 2013
E. England
I'm very much liking that. Despite me not having a single tape.
All,...looking forward to seeing all of you there! I've read that for those of us arriving from outside Germany, particularly from the US where we don't primarily have access to chip-PIN Visa and MasterCard that cash should be carried versus cards. Some of the feedback online is dated so for those who have traveled to Munich and HIGH END before, are credit cards (Mastercard & Visa) now more universally accepted at small shops, restaurants, etc...nearby?

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