Sitting Taiko SGM extreme with Wadax Atlantis Server

Hi Emile, you mentioned earlier in the thread that if Roon is being used, one CPU is doing dual duty of both OS and Roon Core while the other is doing Roon Point right? Can you elaborate a bit on how the transfer speed of the interconnects across the two systems affect sound quality? I was under the impression that audio data volume is fairly low so speed isn't a bottleneck.

I would look at it from a lower processing overhead / footprint perspective.
i think your out-of-box thinking does allow us to view these pieces more objectively. i hope you do get another round with these pieces to get even deeper truths. again, thanks.

TAS is a step up over Roon, and the new XDMS even more i think.
What is XDMS exactly?
Taiko is developing a 'music player app' called XDMS, likely only going to be available for the Taiko Extreme.
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