Zero Distortion: The General's System - Pnoe, Thomas Mayer, Vyger, Original LPs

This article is for vinyl junkies, some digital only guys will not relate, but it is about my top 3 rooms, and insight into original pressings at one, if not the largest collector and reseller of vinyl in the world, who luckily lives in the city and I can visit regularly

Notes on:

  1. Pnoe horns with the costliest drivers in the world, the full range crossoverless 120 db. BD5 from AER (now around 50k GBP for the pair), and comparison with the lower model BD4
  2. Thomas Mayer phono vs Vyger phono, Thomas Mayer 1.25 and 3w amps with a valve called the 46 (valve rarely made after the 1940s), Thomas Mayer 211 amps, and NAT Magma compare
  3. Further notes on the Vyger Indian signature and Atlantis with the Red Sparrow
  4. Comparison of recording engineers, verticuts and ortofon Lyrec cut LPs with other cuts.



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Feb 26, 2014
That cello is looking so big ! And only one uses varnish...

I had four copies , but I threw them away because they weren’t up to Kedars/Generals standards, I gave them to St Vincent de Paul for their bargain bin :)
Price of post 178/177 is approx. 1/100, though largely led by the Campoli. Totally worth it. Those who can afford it should knock themselves out chasing it.


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Apr 7, 2014
Canberra Australia
Can you take me to record shopping in Melbourne please.

These two arrived yesterday.

View attachment 48914
View attachment 48915

Btw, Bonzo told me not to post anything we not yet have and keep posting what we have.

Tang ;)
Hmm yummy recordings....oh sorry I mean terrible recordings

Why would I take you to my stash Tang lol

Ok I would love to show u around Melbourne let me know , but I have another interesting destination closer to you Tang, but I won’t say here, pm me, Kedar might find out ....or worse...the General

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